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Taiwan Machinery Industry has accumulated rich experience & technology in industry improvement in the last fifty years. It has created The Taiwan Economic Miracle and increased the Per GNP Capita from less than US$200 to US$14,216 (from year 1953 to 2000). In Taiwan, you can find most of the industrial machines or  machinery parts/components or machinery related materials you need for industry production with advanced design & reasonable price. Especially in the field of METAL FORMING & WORKING MACHINERY, DAILY PRODUCTS PRODUCTION MACHINERY, MACHINERY COMPONENTS & PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENTS, and FOOD & BIOTECHNICAL MACHINERY, &  RECYCLING MACHINERY LATELY. These niche machineries in Taiwan are just as the footprint of Taiwan's industry improving experience. But due to their small & medium factory size, each factory only specializes in limited products only, and not to invest too much in international advertisement as well, how to find the right machineries & right factories separately, or to find the trustworthy & long term partner to integrate all the necessary machines, components, peripherals & even raw materials; and before/after sales service as well is the most important task for worldwide machinery buyers.


MINOVA was founded by eight machinery & components manufacturers in Taiwan as a professional industrial machines, machinery components / peripherals, and materials export company with good reputation for many years. We have successfully established close partnership with many worldwide end customers, and work as their purchase office & partner in Taiwan to integrated supply them the industrial machinery related products under long term basis. Starting from year 2000, we further built up the strategic alliance with more of the machinery makers in Taiwan to enhance our machinery supply network for customers' purchase convenience & satisfaction.


Under our operation philosophy of  PROFESSION, SINCERITY, & LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP,  MINOVA always spare no efforts to struggle for the best customers satisfaction. All of our main colleagues are over ten years experience in Taiwan industrial machinery field as the sincere professional machinery men, we always work diligently to target at our company missions:


1. Propose & supply the right & most suitable Taiwan Machinery solutions from TAIWAN EXPERIENCE & TAIWAN TECHNOLOGY to fully meet customers' individual requirements as their friends.

2. Offer the best before sales & after sales service, & Integrated Supply the machinery parts / components, even supply machinery materials as the long term partner.

3. Assist customers to improve the productivity & create the profitability by the best Taiwan technology & experience. Customers' success is our first aim for business, & our success is just following to our customers' success.



We sincerely welcome the worldwide machinery end customers to contact us directly, MINOVA will be very pleased to establish the long term partnership with your esteemed company, no matter what the business amount is in the beginning. JUST TRY MINOVA PARTNERSHIP ALLIANCE NOW!









117, Sec.2, Ta Lien Road, Taichung City 406, Taiwan

TEL: +886 928 980 700  MR. WONG

E-MAIL: minovatw@gmail.com; minovatw@yahoo.com

http://www.minova.biz; http://www.TaiwanMachine.com

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